Is Credit Repair legal and how does it work?

Everyone is entitled to correct and accurate information on their credit report. But it has been reported that 80% of all credit reports contain errors. We audit the credit report, looking for incomplete and inaccurate information then insist it be removed legally based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  One collection may be misreported and/or be reported several times by other third parties. This is an example of an item that qualifies for removal.

What is the process for raising my score?

After enrolling in the program, we begin the audit process. Once we have identified errors, we send out dispute letters. You, the client, will receive the dispute results in approx 50 days. You must send these into your credit analyst for review. Based on the results we may continue to argue on your behalf. This cycle will repeat until you are satisfied with the results and your score tops over 640. In addition to sending us back all results in a timely manner, you must keep all your current obligations in good standing and also begin to build new credit. This is part of our guarantee.

How much does it cost?

Poor credit costs you thousands of dollars in high-interest rates, higher insurance costs, and sometimes better employment or promotion. The cost of our program is only 4 payments of $225.  There is a $200 discount for a friend or family member when you sign up together.

How long before my score goes up?

This answer varies for each individual. Some clients see a big jump within the first 40 to 50 days, while others take 6 months or more. If you respond to us quickly, getting your results back to us quickly and begin to build new credit right away, you can expect to complete our program within 4 to 6 months. 

What is the guarantee?

Our guarantee states that if we are unsuccessful in helping to raise your score to 640 or better, then you receive your money back. The conditions are this: You stay in the program 12 months, you send all of your results back to us with 5 days of receiving them, there are no new negative items reported while in the program, and you have successfully completed the revolving credit requirements. 

Why do I have to get new credit or pay down my existing balances?

Negative credit history is only part of the overall picture when it comes to calculating a score. This is the part of your score we are working on. The part we have no control over is your other credit accounts. To qualify for our guarantee and build a better score you revolving credit accounts must be in good order. This includes a minimum of 2 accounts all have balances less than 10% of high credit limit.

Where do I get new credit when I have bad credit?

We have worked with several good companies that issue second chance credit. Although fees and rates may be painful at first, once you have proven that you manage credit well you can qualify for much better terms via mainstream cards. This is the first step to getting there, start building good accounts and keeping the balances low and under control.

Whom will I be working with? Do you send this out?

Once enrolled you will be assigned a personal credit analyst. This individual is the only person working on your account, right here in the office. They will call you after you have enrolled and introduce themselves to you. You will get their contact info and they will explain the program to you. Your file is kept here and we do not share this with anyone.

How do I begin?

Email Or call the office at 940-644-0159 or text me at 940-210-4159. We will send you all the enrollment forms and simple instruction you need to get started.  You will also receive a welcome call from your credit analyst.  Our goal is to get your credit repair process underway as quickly as possible. If you sign up now we should have your first round of credit bureau disputes out in a few days. We encourage you to get started today.

Should my spouse also enroll?

This depends on your goal. If you are trying to qualify for a loan or mortgage and BOTH incomes and credit are needed, then yes. If we improve your credit to a qualifying level, but your spouses do not meet that standard, then the loan will probably not be approved.
Remember, this applies only if both incomes are needed for loan approval. If it is a joint title, then most lenders will look at both incomes and credit profiles.  Both must be good. We have a discount for spouses.

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