With over 20 years in consulting we have helped so many people get ready and get into their new home.   Here is a bit of information about what we can do for you. 


Here at New Beginnings, we analyze a client’s credit report and go over all of the derogatory information listed. Once we have gathered that information, we dispute these negative accounts to their respective credit bureau. We do multiple rounds of disputes to get the results that we desire. We do guarantee a score of 640 or more within a year or your money back. Our guarantee is for a full 12 months, however, the process on average takes between 4-6 months as long as you do what we ask of you during this time.


We also provide a free Analysis for our customers to show them in what ways we can ultimately help. If this is an option you would like:

  Just go to Privacy Guard.

This site will give you all 3 reports as well as the scores for each bureau Try PrivacyGuard now and get your first 14 days for just $1.00 PrivacyGuard®Credit Protection will be $19.99 per month after the first 14 days if you do not cancel it within that 14 day period.

 Email me your login information as well as the last 4 of your social and we will do a free review for you that same day!! Already have your report, just email it to cindydoan62@gmail.com and we will be set to see what you need.  




 Individual Credit Restoration
 4 Payments of $225.00
 or 1 payment of $800.00

  • Full 12 month Credit Restoration Program​

  • 640 or Free

  • 1 year commitment

Family or Friend Credit Restoration
4 Payments of $175.00
or 1 payment of $600.00

​ ​

  • A family member or friend has enrolled in our Individual Credit Repair​

  • 640 or Free

  • 1 year commitment

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