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Credit Restoration

Not so sure how this works? Who can you trust? Skeptical of the credit repair industry? How does all this work? Does it really work? Our criminal laws are written courts in such a way that you’re innocent until proven guilty. Following this reasoning, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was written the same way. So we take the same tact and position as a defense attorney, and we go after everybody that is accusing you of anything, and if they cannot prove their case to the extent that the law requires, then we demand that they remove it from your credit report. The complaints against the credit repair industry are many. Beyond the common complaints of fraud, scams, rip-offs, and the like, the biggest complaint by far is “it just doesn’t work”. Unfortunately, some of these accusations are true. There are many scam credit repair companies operating, and even if they are a legitimate company, often their best efforts do not help their customers enough. If the goal is to raise a credit score to qualify for mortgage loan and a credit repair company is enlisted to perform this service, the customer will be disappointed. It doesn’t work. Just repairing the credit will not raise the score enough. Most credit repair companies focus solely on the removal of derogatory credit. Higher credit scores are the results needed, not just deletions of derogatory credit. So we go after the negative credit, but then we address the bigger picture. We help each client find opportunities to add positive credit to your file. This is the only method that works to raise a credit score significantly. A good score is comprised of good payment history, and good, open lines of revolving credit, with high limits and low balances. Our program goes after all aspects of your credit report. We successfully challenge the derogatory credit, and help you find opportunities to add positive credit. And this method works, you will have to trust us on this! New Beginnings was founded with one vision in mind, to help our clients separate their damaging past from their promising future. The credit bureaus label us with a number, but people are more than a number. Until now, all of us have been forced to accept the costly consequences of that number. New Beginnings is in the business of giving people back their good name and freeing them from their crippling number.